Tuesday, April 12

Rednesday with a Queen

Today I am joining with Sue from "It's A Very Cherry World" and all the ladies who are sharing their RED on Rednesday. Please stop over at Sue's blog and participate with us.
This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be treated like a Queen.  My wonderful friends, Kathy and Larry, invited me up for a "sleepover" at their house. They recently moved to a new house about 20 miles north of Tampa. It's not a long drive but we had decided that we would have a nice dinner together and share a bottle of some of the wonderful wine that they often bring back from their trips to France.  If you'll recall...Kathy and Larry recently gave me the new stove that I shared here on my blog. Kathy's only request was that I bake them some White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies. I totally agreed to that request. Additionally, I brought along some chocolate dipped fresh strawberries and some Garlic Knots that I had baked. It was a wonderful weekend with some dear friends who made me feel like a true Queen and gave me this pillow to let me know.


  1. You are the queen! Can you believe that I decide to post this week and I am next to you....so appropriate. The PSE9 classes have taken over my life and I have really deserted my Buttons blog for the moment. Need to post a note to my friends. I have learned so much and become so invalid with my photography. I will email you tonite if I can stay awake. Have mucho to share...good and not so good. Hope you are OK. Lov you lots and lots Ms. ME Queen....Genie

  2. Ditto, you are the Queen! You know this pillow is making me smile. What a wonderful gift. Sounds like a fun time with your friends. ~ Sarah

  3. What fun a sleep over..and please pass me a cookie. I love those!

  4. That ME pillow is so cute, and it sounds like you have really wonderful friends!
    Happy REDnesday,

  5. What would we do without wonderful friends?

    Love your new pillow cherry much!

    Cherry hugs, Dolly

  6. Wow! what great freinds, but I guess they had an agenda....yyyyuuummmm.
    That pillow is perfect your thrown!!

  7. Good Morning "Your Highness"!

    How wonderful that your "loyal and devoted subjects" have bestowed upon you a ME cushion for your throne! What a splendid addition to your colorful ME palace! Someday, I would love to request an audience with the Queen to partake in her tasty baked goods and take a tour of the "House of Cherry Chick". Ah, but alas, I am just a simple servant and cannot afford such luxuries, and must remain an onlooker from afar. Until then, I will remain loyal to Her Highness, and continue to hope that one day, I will meet Queen Vicki in person!


    Enjoy your weekend!
    Audrey xoxo


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