Wednesday, July 13

Happy Rednesday

I'm so happy to be joining Sue and all the wonderful ladies who share on Rednesday over on her blog It's A Very Cherry World. It's been awhile for me but I was inspired to share this fabulous photograph that I found on Pinterest (my new addiction) with all you red fans.  If you haven't found out about Pinerest you need to check it out. It's so much fun to scan all of the interesting things that interest others.
This really has nothing to do with Rednesday but I wanted to share with everyone my excitement over my new printer. Trust me, I'm not out spending all the $$ I've been making the last few months. Even though a few weeks ago I got the Motorola Xoom Tablet computer (love it!) this printer turned out to be almost "free".
I went in one day to use my trusty Canon Pixma printer and the silly thing wouldn't even turn on. How can I print my JoAnn coupons without a printer!! It seems like  everyday I needed to print something once the dang thing wasn't working. Ugh! I checked over at and they had this lovely lady for $98. Well! It just so happened that I had enough reward points on the ole credit card to cash in for 2 $50 Amazon gift cards. It's like it was meant to be! 

I really wanted something that was wireless and I really wanted a scanner, too. The Canon Pixma MG 5220 has both features and it copies.  I finally got around, after having it home for 6 days, to setting it up last night. It was a breeze! I was a little concerned about me being able to connect it to my wireless router but it couldn't have been easier. Can I just say how fabulous it is not to have to carry my laptop into my studio and then connect it to the printer to print something! OMG! I'm so lazy! I printed right from my couch in the living room. Last night I scanned my favorite kitten photo of my Sweet "departed" Rusty. This was taken before they even had digital cameras. I've always loved the photo because it was not "staged" and it was so appropriate. My good friend Kathy brought me the pillow back from Key West one year. In case you can't read it it's embroidered with the words "If I had two dead rats...I'd give you one!" One afternoon I just walked into the living room and saw Rusty sleeping there on top of the pillow in a wicker chair. It was such a "Canon" moment. Now I have a digital copy to share. I printed out an awesome 8x10 photo of Missy, my cat, last night on it, too. Looks great so I'm taking it to the office tomorrow to hang it on my bulletin board. I am one Happy Camper these days! Can you tell? I'm so goofy over technology!
Please pop over to Sue's blog and check out what else is red for Rednesday.


  1. Just LOVE that picture!
    So glad you posted that...I needed a smile today and your kitten looks so mich like my precious Elliott from many years ago.
    Thanks for sharing! XO

  2. What a great deal on your new printer. I'm lovin' that cat!

  3. Stopping in to say hi, Vicky. I've been MIA lately with little time on the computer. I've had fun catching up tonight. All the best ~ Sarah

  4. Just stopping by from Rednesday. Getting a new printer makes everything better. I had a mediocre printer for a long time, but when you get a new one, you feel like you can conquer the world, or at least comfortably do crafts again.

  5. the button heart is beautiful! I need to find out how this pinterest works. I'm always finding pretty pictures that I want to be able to save. Awwww, your Rusty is adorable. I have a very soft place in my heart for yellow kittycats.


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