Saturday, July 23

Have I lost my mind?

It's a Saturday night and I'm  posting pictures of my cat who is joining a "Kitty Cat Kitty Party"?? Seriously....I need to join a dating website!
My friend Sarah over at "Hyacinths for the Soul" had me  laughing so hard with her post about "Baby Kitties" big day. Then I went over to see what the party was about and laughed some more. There are some very creative bloggers out here.
Debbie over at "Confessions of a Plate Addict" is having a party for her cat "Baby Kitty" and it's a hoot. If you're a cat lover you will appreciate it. If not....I feel sorry for you.
My cat, Missy, has decided to join but she is late. Some dog must have eaten her invite. At least that's what she always tells me about her homework. I hope Baby Kitty likes roses and jewelry.....Enjoy!


  1. Missy is gorgeous. Love those white cats.

  2. Hi Missy...Late? Are you kidding? we are just starting to par-tay! Thanks so much for joining us! And thanks for the birthday greetings!...hugs...Baby Kitty

  3. Too funny! my Bob (the cat) would have loved to join the party but I don't know how to I would have to hold Bob down while I put party garb on him and try to get a picture before he shook it off...LOL
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, Missy Girl, you are gorgeous! What a princess. I'm so glad you joined the party. The only photo I've seen of you is the one on the sidebar. You look stunning, Missy Girl ~ absolutely stunning! Enjoy the party.
    ~ Sarah

  5. Ha you crack me up! I love your kitty story. It's amazing the things we do for our cats! I have two so I'm another "cat person" laughing WITH you! xo-cindy

  6. Guess I need to check this one out....Trouble would love to go....if he would come our from hiding. The picture of Missy is pretty darn cute. Genie


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