Sunday, July 17

Mosaic Mondays

Source: via Cherry on Pinterest

It's been awhile since I've joined in on Mosaic Mondays with Mary Carroll from over at the Little Red House. I feel like I did alot of chores this weekend so I made time to play on the computer tonight. I'm joining a number of other bloggers who are sharing their Mosaic photos over on Mary's blog. Please stop but to see what everyone else has to share.
The Mosaic I've shared today is one I found over at Pinterest. It combines my love of flowers and stained glass. There's so much eye candy over at Pinterest.
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  1. Pinterest could get a lot of us in a world of trouble. :D

    What a pretty mosaic. I can see why you like stained glass. Do you work with it yourself?

  2. Pretty mosaic. Have a wonderful week:)

  3. This is so do you so this????? Sandy

  4. LOOOVVEEE Pinterest. Beautiful mosaic.

  5. A mosaic of mosaics - I love it!

  6. Love that stained glass mosaic...brilliant use of pinterest!


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