Saturday, May 2

Key West April 2009 Smilebox Scrapbook

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  1. Hi Vicki...

    Ohhhh...what fun you and your honey must have had!!! I have been close to Key West but didn't actually get to go down there...boohoo!, love, LOVE that gorgeous B&B that ya'll stayed in! Your room was beautiful and I especially liked the bathroom! Hehe! Looks like ya'll had a blast. I couldn't help but notice that beautiful railing in your photos...where it was cut out in the shape of palm trees! Love that! Ohhh...and that outdoor patio where all the tables and chairs were painted different colors...ahhhhh!!!

    Loved your "Smilebox" presentation! What a great way to "keepsake" the photos from your trip! Thank you so much for sharing it with us today for Sunday Favorites! Sure makes me want to go to Key West! Hehe!

    Have a super Sunday, my friend!!!
    Chari @Happy To Design


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