Thursday, May 28

Memorial Day weekend trip.....

"Sunday Favorites" is a Sunday meme designed to give bloggers a chance to share a favorite post from the past!!! Today I am joining Chari and all the other bloggers with a look back at a wonderful and unforgettable trip that I took in 2009. Many happy memories from that adventure and lots of lovely photographs to remind me. Life is good.
Princeton Pansies
Niagara Falls view from the Maid of the Mist

Smilebox of pictures from MacKenzie-Childs in Aurora, NY <------Click there
I'm back from my trip up to New Jersey and New York with the BF. We had a wonderful time. We went to Princeton, NJ on Friday, then we headed up to Auburn, NY where we made "base camp" on Friday evening. Saturday morning we headed to Niagara Falls, NY (so cool!) and Sunday we went to Aurora in the finger Lakes of NY to visit Mackenzie-Childs operations. What a beautiful farmhouse they have decorated with all of the MC furnishings. If only I was wealthy!
Monday we went back to Newark and just chilled for the day. Time just went by too fast but it was all wonderful. Thank you, Bee! <3


  1. What pretty pansies..they are some of my favorites!! Love that picture of the falls! Someday I want to go there!

    Miss Bloomers

  2. Niagara is looking plenty chilly in that photo - - - was it a cold day?

  3. Hi Vicky...

    What a fabulous post, my friend! It looks like you had a wonderful trip! I have never been to the east coast and would love to see New York and Niagara Falls! Gorgeous photos!!! I also clicked on your smilebox presentation of the Mackenzie Childs farm. Ohhh...what fun!!! Everything there was just sooo beautiful! Sure wished they would have let you take photos of the farmhouse's interior! What a great trip!!! Thank you so much for sharing it and all of your beautiful photos with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party this week! This was sooo much fun! Maybe some day I will get to New York...Mackenzie Child's farm will definitely be on my itenerary if I do!

    Warmest spring wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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