Friday, June 4

I'm Tweeting!

Weeeeeellllllllll.....I finally gave in and signed up for a Twitter account! I have resisted this for such a long time now. I've been going to some Social Media education MeetUps here lately and now I've decided to join the masses. My issue is that I don't think I have a whole lot to say that anyone would want to listen to. Not to mention, I have so much packed into my life now who do I even have time to!
I've put a link to the twitter page here on my blog or just click here.  I'm "TheCherryChick" there.
I'm not promising a whole lot of Tweets but let me know if you think there is something awesome that I should be following. I already have 2 Followers! Go figure!

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  1. I have tried to add you as one I am following but do not have a clue if I did it correctly......Genie


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