Tuesday, June 29

Rednesday @ Cherry Chick....

It's that time again....join us all over at It's A Very Cherry World to share your Red treasures this Wednesday.
On Monday, I received the cutest package from my friend Genie over at ButtonsforBaga.blogspot.com. A cheerfully decorated envelope with red Cherries all over it. When I opened the envelope up it had a Cherry fabric giftbag inside. Inside the gift bag was a Cherry looking tissue package with a personalized gift tag attached. THEN....inside of that.....was the cutest Cherry fabric custom made apron made just for ME. Genie had told me that she was sending me "a little something" but I was amazed and surprised at what it was! How could she have possibly known that I have a "collection" of aprons on display in my kitchen along with my cookbooks? How could she have known that most of them were from Mary Englebreit and that her Cherry creation would fit in perfectly? Many thanks and hugs to Genie.
•.*.Thank you.*.•
•.*.very much.*.•


  1. What a cheerful fun gift-enjoy!

  2. You are too kind. I loved every minute of it...ENJOY! Hugs....Genie

  3. Ohhh such cute things. Don't you so miss ME's Home Companion and being able to buy her things. I did find some things at Michaels' last week in the dollar bin. Chip
    Board books....a crown, a chair and a Scottie. Scotties were all gone dar.
    But a book of 6 or so chipboard pages for one dollar, wow. I really enjoy your blog. I am having a give a way......hop on over.

  4. Your aprons are so cute. Love it. Happy Wednesday!

    Fiesta Hollyhock

  5. I'm just SO loving the vignette picture of your aprons....looks like it was taken from a magazine..just gorgeous.

  6. That sweet apron fits in perfectly with your collection! What a nice friend!
    Happy REDnesday and Happy 4th!
    p.s. It's so nice to know that I can come over here and indulge my love of Mary Engelbreit! I wanted to join your Monday party, but do you know that I don't have a single thing of hers except her books? I'll have to change that soon!

  7. That apron is absolutely delicious. So cute.

  8. Need I say that I love it? I'd wear it all day long if I were you - cleaning house, grocery shopping, church, sun bathing . . . lol!

  9. Such a great gift! The apron is very, very cute but so is that sweet little gift tag. :)
    Enjoy your treasures and thanks for sharing them with us.
    The Tattered Tassel

  10. Oh, lucky you! What a sweet gift. I'm your new follower!


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