Tuesday, June 1


Sue over at It's a Very Cherry World showcases "Rednesday" each Wednesday for anyone who wants to share their "Red" feature.
My contribution this week is a Cherry Fringe bracelet that I finally finished after working on it on and off forever it seems like. It has a million seed beads, lampwork glass beads, pressed glass flowers and leaves, and a little bit of silver. This will become my OOAK signature bracelet since I spent sooooo much time on it. ;-)

I've created another color variation on the "Calypso" beaded bracelet. This one in Red, White & Black that goes with just about everything. I'm calling this verison the "Fiesta Red" bracelet.


  1. Wow- both are gorgeous.
    You have talent and patience.

  2. Both are gorgeous, but my daughter Alida who lives in California -- I can just see her wearing that second one! It's so different; never seen one like it.

    (and it's OK that you love my Lucy. She loves you right back.)

    Thanks for visiting!
    Happy Rednesday ... Cass

  3. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous designs. I could never do that.

  4. OMG, my jaw just dropped as looked at that bracelet. Marvelous.

  5. Very pretty and especially wonderful for all the patriotic holidays.

  6. Oh, I am in love with The Fiesta Red bracelet.... love it...

  7. Wow! You are really talented! I have some friends who are very into beading, but I've never seen them pull anything off like these.

  8. god your good! I had to look at yoour craft room again. I accidently erased it on my computer. darn it! mishelle

  9. Mishelle...
    I don't know that I've ever put up pics of my "craft room". I do have the pics of my ME office here on the blog in April if you scroll down.

  10. Fantastic! I can see how it took you forever to finish it. The Fiesta Red one is beautiful, too!

  11. What lovely, lovely bracelets.
    Thanks for sharing them.
    The Tattered Tassel


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