Sunday, June 20

ME Monday....

Welcome, again, to Mary Engelbreit Monday. The linky will be open at 8 pm EST Sunday evening and you'll be able to post the link to your blog with the related Mary Engelbreit pictures to share with everyone. It can be a ME licensed product or something that was "inspired" by Mary Engelbreit's artwork. It "should" be a photo that you took of something that you own. We're flexible here....let's have fun above all else.
A little Hint......This week I'm going with some "autographed" items that Mary has signed for me. Way back in the day, after Mary first launched her greeting card line at the New York Stationery Show, I was one of her manufacturer's reps. I still have some of those original greeting cards. I've had several occasions to meet Mary since then and she has generously "autographed" some things for me. Isn't it funny how having something signed by someone "famous" makes it so special. I wonder if the people who receive a check from her feel like her signature is that special.
Once you open up My Photo Album you can place your mouse over a photo to enlarge it.
Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: ME Monday
Click here to create a photo collage for free in minutes! Add your photos, message, and music, and share via email or post to web sites. Feel free to email me if you need any help.


  1. Hi. Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham is doing a ME apron swap. Paper ones of course. You can use the finished product as a banner or a book. She needs more to sign up. COme join us......please

  2. OOOHHH how very cool! I need to come back and do this when I have more sit down time!
    Wishing you a Very Mary Delightsome day,

  3. I love your photo album. I haven't tried smilebox before. I think you're lucky to have met Mary Engelbreit. Every year I have my students write about what famous person they would like to meet and I always write about ME as an example. Thank you for starting this fun Monday!

  4. WHAT? you worked for her.. oh my lucky lady! And autographs.. i am very jealous.. And thanks for thinking of me when u saw those Roosters. i have seen those. lol.. mishelle


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