Friday, February 4

Fresh Cut Friday

I'm joining Liz at the beautiful Rose Vignettes blog for Fresh Cut Friday this week.
I walked into my favorite grocery store this afternoon where I spotted their flower display. I looked around a little and then I spotted these charming pink tulips. Next my thought went to 'What is today's date'? Why it's the first Friday of the month so that means that tomorrow is Fresh Cut Friday over at Liz's lovely blog. That sealed the deal and I knew that I would be taking home those charming pink tulips with me because it has been awhile since I've had Fresh Cut Flowers. I so deserve them. ;-)


  1. Beautiful!
    Makes me believe that spring can't be far away!

  2. Tulips must be the flower of the week! I saw them but passed....but I won't next time. They are beautiful and such a touch of spring in the cold weather!

  3. I couldn't resist tulips yesterday when at the market either, they are just so bright and cheery.
    Happy FCF.

  4. Oh sure! You deserve them! All that sunshine and warm temps in Florida must be hard work (haha). Your (chilly) friend in Philadelphia. JV

  5. Uh Yeah you deserve them...they would of been my choice also!

    Happy Friday..we just recieved another 2 inches on top of our already 13 plus.ugghh

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  6. Great timing! :o)
    I just adore your ME vase!!
    Sincerely, Trish

  7. Vicki, it's freezing here with snow overnight. I think I may need to go to the grocery and see if I can find myself a bouquet of tulips. You are invited to stop by for a bite to eat with the snowmen today, and Ann Estelle will be back Saturday with her Chinese New Year celebration. Come visit ~ Sarah

  8. Love the bright fun color, enjoy your flowers:@)

  9. Ah, pink tulips, a ME vase, could it get any better?
    Happy Friday!

  10. :) I so happy that you joined in! :) You know I love ME. Your tulips are a perfect match for your tin and vase.
    Mary would approve I do believe! :)


  11. I have the exact vase! I just adore it and keep it at work for favorite posies to brighten up my desk. You arrangement looks fab! Kit


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