Sunday, February 13

Valentine ME Monday

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Happy Valentine's Day to You
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  1. Thank you for putting my coffee cozy in your Smilebox. You were too sweet. I had such fun making it for you.I am just now trying to learn how to make the tags so yours was one of my first. Am so happy you liked your surprise. We are back from the lake after a great weekend. Hugs and Love, Genie

  2. Vicki, your smile box is full of SMILES! What a cute post. I have the same desk calendar. Such fun to think that we look at the same image each morning as we start the day.
    Sending special Valentine Hugs of Friendship to you across the miles. ~ Sarah

  3. Now...Happy Valentine’s Day to you, my friend. I am sosososso tired from hiking, but NOT too tired to bail out of posting for you. Don’t you love that disgusted look on Eloise’s face...all she wanted me to do was leave her alone so she could tie her shoes and go outside. No, Baga HAD to take a photo for M.E.Monday!!! Someday she will get it!

  4. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Nothing special on the menu here this year so it is sweet to visit with wonderful online friends.

  5. Love your sweet little Smilebox! You always have such fun things to share for ME day.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


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