Saturday, February 12

No Sweetheart This Year

Today I'm joining up with the ladies at Pink Saturday 


  1. Oh sweetie.....I will be your Valentine!!!!! :):) I know how hard this is......just take it one day at a time. Sandy

  2. I'm sorry. Here are some (((((HUGS))))) from me.

  3. Cherries are red
    you are blue
    I am you friend
    and I love you!!!!

    I wish I could make things better for you!You are doing a great job!

    Hugs and lovin...Cindy
    from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. It may sound corny...but be your own Valentine! I'm going to treat myself to flowers and a pedicure....and the best part is that I know I'll really appreciate it!

    Make it a day dedicated to loving the great person you are! Candy only lasts a few're worth so much more :)

    Hope I'm not being to bossy...I'm new around here :)

  5. I love the advice Cameron gave you!! Go do something nice for yourself!! Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Do whatever you feel...but always keep the door of your heart open...
    You never know...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  7. All good advice above, but I know the void is painful all the same. Be good to yourself. Do something nice just for you to help ease that broken heart. I'm thinking of you and sending hugs of friendship across the miles.
    ~ Sarah

  8. Valentines Day is one small 24 hr segment of 365 wonderful days. It will pass. Not to make light of the heartbreak at all, ever. I agree with others, I hope you did something beautiful for yourself, just because you are incredible and deserving and a lovely person all by yourself. Yup, I realize I don't know you, first time on your blog, but, I know the pain of heartbreak on Valentines day. Just saying........what I believe in my heart to be true. I hope you made it a special day whatever way worked for you. Blessings


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