Tuesday, February 15

Rednesday and a Valentine

I'm joining Sue from over at "It's A Very Cherry World" and the ladies who will be sharing their Red for Rednesday. Be sure to stop over and see what they have to show you this week.

I found this "purr-fect" card for my neighbor, Paddy, for Valentine's Day. Paddy really likes pop up cards and I happened to be at Barnes & Nobles bookstore this past week. I noticed they had darling Valentine's Day card but when I saw this one with the white cat I just knew it was the right one. You see my "Missy" is a purr-fect white cat.
p.s. She's never had kittens...she's just that fat and yes...that is my work table that she likes to spread out on.


  1. Oh, I really LOVE that card! Love pop-ups and want to learn how to make them! Your pretty white Missy is a beauty. Isn't it funny how they always want to plop down right where you're working?! They're so curious, always wanting to know what you're up to.

  2. I think it is time that Missy comes for at visit at Baga’s house. Keep those great photos coming. Buddy and I love them. The card for Paddy is so cute. You picked out the perfect one for one who likes pop ups.

  3. Missy is adorable and not fat...just plump!
    I love pop up cards as well. You certainly found a great one.:o)
    Happy Rednesday.
    The Tattered Tassel

  4. That's such an adorable card, almost as cute as Missy all sprawled out on your work table!
    Happy REDnesday!
    p.s. That tinkling bell is making my parakeet,Petunia, chirp like crazy!

  5. Hi Vicki. I saw your comment on Sandy's blog 521 Lake Street and just had to come by and see who it as that had the cutest signature ever. I love that!!! That's such a cute card you gave your lucky neighbor. And I do believe your cat's about as fat as mine. She looks like a sweet snowball.

    Hugs...Tracy :)

  6. What a cute pop up card. Thanks for sharing the Smile Box. It brought big smiles my way! ~ Sarah

  7. I love the popup card !
    Missy looks very sweet !

  8. Hi this is Janie, Gracie Lou's Mom! I found a Valentine pop-up with 2 white kitties one with a pink bow collar and pretty eyelashes and one with a blue bow collar and a more handsome face. When you open the card they touch noses and their tails intertwine and make a heart shape. And there are some tiny mice carrying them chocolate so cute and funny!!I will have to send you a picture to post!

    (> ... <)
    ( ='o'= ) Gracie and Me send our ♥


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