Tuesday, July 20

ME Monday Giveaway


So.....using the reliable Random Number Generator....the ME Monday giveaway will go to DogsMom. Thank you to everyone who joined in to share pictures from your blog, became a new follower, or left a comment for me. Oh and yes.....that is "Cherry Chick" pictured in the Winner photo above. NOT!



  1. Better luck next time! Enjoy those cool socks, Dogmom! I have sock envy.

  2. I'm always a day late and a dollar short! Congrats to Dogsmom, and I love all of your ME Monday stuff, especially that pillow! Happy ME Monday. On Tuesday!

  3. Me? Thank you! I am very excited and I do love special socks.
    Believe this - 18 is my "special" number. You will see I use it a lot on my own blog.
    Possibly because it is my birthday?

    Thank you Thank you Thank you


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