Thursday, July 22

Things I Love Thursday.....

I Love it when Mary Engelbreit leaves me a comment on Facebook!

You'll have to click on the photo to enlarge it so you can actually read it.

I'm down here doing the "Happy Dance"! I'm just sayin', how often does Mary E. leave a comment on her Facebook page for you? How sweet is she?
I went over to St. Petersbug this morning with my neighbor, Paddy, to go see the new Chihuly Glass Exhibition that just opened up over there. Fabulous by the way. That was going to be my blog post today but "shoot" a comment from "The Queen of Everything" trumps that.
I get home about 4 pm start peeling off the clothes, because it's 95 freaking degrees outside, and I flip on my laptop to get the hamsters running to power up my little Fisher-Price computer (seriously...I have a DELL and I love my DELL) so that I can check the emails. Well!! My equally crazy about ME, Facebook Friend & loyal jewelry customer, Ms. Jeanne from PA, has sent me a "Wow" Did you see the comment from Mary E. to you on her Facebook page. I do my Scobby Doo shake of the head and think "Huh?" What's she talkin' bout???? I pop over to the "every so popular", "You should be a Fan", Mary Engelbreit Facebook page and there it is from 2 hours ago! Ms. E has left me a comment on my July 17th post there.
OMG! OMG! do I respond back???!! I have to be cool...not gushy... or stalkerish. I thought for a few minutes and then just typed a little something back to Ms. Mary. I'm cool....but like I said...major happy dancing going on in the Cherry Chick house today.
Thanks for letting me gush  share with you. ;-)


  1. OMG...OMG.....OMG...OMG...THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! I am soooooooo thrilled for you. You deserve it! Your work is beautiful, and you give her credit from beginning to end. She must be tickled to death to have you in her camp. Hugs and love, Genie

  2. Dog-Gone-It....I can’t read the comment because I am NOT her friend. I am SOOOOO disappointed. Have sent her a request to become a friend. Hugs and love....Genie

  3. Genie, If you click on my photo above it will enlarge so that you can read what we both wrote. Thank you for your sweet comments. I'm sure she will "friend" you on FB, too. There is, also, a "Friends of ME" page on FB, and a "Mary Engelbreit Inspires Me" FB page.

  4. She responded to me once! I think I said something like how much I appreciated her taking some time to write to little ole me!

  5. I want to go to her camp. I hope they have another next year. The goodie bags were unreal and you got to go to her studio. She is amazing. I wish her magazine would go back in print.

  6. Hi Vicki! How exciting!! You certainly deserve it because you are such a fan of ME. I'm a friend of ME on facebook too, but she never responded to me. You should frame her response in a cute ME frame!! I went to the Chihuly exhibit when it came to Boise several years ago. Amazing work don't you agree?

    Susan and Bentley

  7. I nearly fainted when I read your blog last night. I was too verklempt to type! A personal comment from Her Majesty the Queen. Long may she rule! I'm still excited!

  8. How awesome is that! LOL, like you could ever be stalkerish... psh-yah! Way to go Vicki :)

  9. Vicki, that is SO EXCITING!!! Your reply was just perfect too. Gush all you want. You deserve it!

  10. Vicki, I'd be thrilled too. I think it's wonderful that ME personally connects with her fans. There are certainly a lot of us out there!
    I'm happy to find your blog and have just added myself as a new follower. I look forward to ME Mondays. Have a great weekend! ~ Sarah

  11. This truly is a most wonderful thing to happen! Richly deserved! Elizabeth

  12. your blog looks great! glad the background works.

    TCBOTB :)

  13. Oh mg you are famous! good for u, she should buy on of your pieces...


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