Tuesday, July 20

Sharing Red for Rednesday......

Ms. Sue over at "It's A Very Cherry World!" is hosting Rednesday on her blog. I'm going for florals this week. Be sure and click over to see what everyone else has that's Red for Rednesday.

It's Christmas in July

I've been to Longwood Gardens, in Kenneth Sqaure, PA located south of Philadelphia, PA a couple of times now. I just love the place and I know if I lived close by that I would have a membership to go as often as I wanted. Today I'm sharing some of my Red photos that I've taken while there. It's a wonderful place to take photographs in. If you click on the photos they will Enlarge to Gigantic for a closer view. ;-)

Beautiful Amaryllis

Red Begonia Balls

Cranberries fill the fountain in Exhibition Hall I

Playing with my PhotoShop Software brushes

East Conservatory Entry

Red Poinsettia Planting

Poinsettia Row

Red Berries and Frosted Glass
Thanks for sharing Christmas in July with me


  1. I am loving those begonia balls! When I first saw the pics of the poinsettias, I had to look at the date to make sure I wasn't reading an old post. Man, Christmas will be here before you know it!!!


  2. LOVE Christmas in July~ gorgeous red flowers, especially that begonia :-)

  3. Wow, What a spectacular garden !Wonderful Pics ! Beautiful reds ! Happy Rednesday & Happy Christmas in July !

  4. Beautiful! I've only been there once, and it was during the summer. Looks like a "must see" at Christmas!

  5. What a wonderful place to visit. I especially like that the plants are named.
    In Milwaukee we have covered domes that are the best place to visit in winter. Beautiful plants and the best dry heat. Also special displays like trains and Legos.
    I also like your photoshop talents.

  6. I want a begonia ball! That is so stunning. And is that parsley growing around the amaryllis? I love seeing unexpected combos like that! It's always fun to visit those big gardens every season, because their displays are over the top gorgeous!
    Happy REDnesday!

  7. Oh I just love it. The place reminded me of Niagara Falls Ontario where they have something very similar to this.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the cranberries filling the fountain, so much fun. Thank you for sharing all this loveliness with us.

    Happy Rednesday,

  9. Wow! That reminds me of the Krohn COnservatory here in Cincinnati. The Winterberry branches in the windows are gorgeous. The berries are huge! Gotta love begonias and ivy..they grow anywhere.

  10. My husband used to rave about Longwood Gardens and from all his photos (and yours, too!) I can see why. Florida stinks when it comes to growing flowers.

  11. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us today!
    Here is the funny thing...I live about 2 hours away from Longwood Gardens and I have never been there!! I must go for sure now!!


  12. Just beautiful pictures. The flowers are stunning!

  13. Hi Vicki~Such amazing wonderful flowers! I love them all especially that Begonia ball, how beautiful!
    My mom, who lives here in east GA, grows Amaryllis along side of her house. Every year she separates the bulbs and now she has over 50 plants that bloom so beautiful. What a great bulb.
    The Tattered Tassel

  14. Thanks for the visit today. Love all of your red!
    I'll be back.
    Ladybug Creek

  15. Geeze,,,,these photos are gorgeous. The poinsettias remind me of my childhood in Palm Beach. Our driveway was lined in them as well having them going all the way around our little back yard. I have looked at them over and over again. Maybe one of these days I will FINALLY get to Longwood Gardens. It is a dream of mine to go there for an entire day. Hugs, Genie

  16. I came here from ME from FB. I am Vicki too. Your blog is darling and these pictures are to die for. I wish I could go there. Thank you so much for this taste of Christmas in July.


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