Sunday, July 25

M.E. Monday.......

I know I'm running a little late for our Mary Engelbreit Monday sharing but I have a good excuse. I've just returned home from a wonderful weekend in Ft. Myers where I went to visit my dear friend Christina. She loves ME and Cherries as much as I do. It's been a year since we've seen each other which is far too long for friends who only live 2.5 hours apart. Life just gets in our way sometimes. week is her birthday so we did a little celebrating early. I made these little cupcakes for her and took them down in the special ME cupcake box. Even the cupcake papers are ME. She freaked and loved them.
Not only did she love the way they looked she loved the had 3 I had 1 but then again...It is HER birthday.
I have one more thing to share for ME Monday. Christina for years now, has decorated her Christmas tree all in a ME theme. I don't even recall all of the stuff that I have made for her to put on the tree. After Christmas this past year I saw these tiny little red tree ornaments marked down to something like 70% off at JoAnns so I bought them thinking they looked like little Cherries. I came up with the idea to add some brown trim cord and green ribbon to turn them into Cherry ornaments. I finished them up last week so that I could take a dozen of them to Christina for her birthday. She loved them, too! It's so easy to give gifts to people who you know what they like.
These isn't a great picture of them but you get the idea of what they look like. You can see my reflection while take the
Please join us and post the link to your blog with the related Mary Engelbreit pictures to share with everyone. It can be a ME licensed product or something that was "inspired" by Mary Engelbreit's artwork. It "should" be a photo that you took of something that you own. We're flexible here....let's have fun above all else.

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  1. I keep marveling at the cupcakes and the plates and the little tin. What a special birthday surprise. I know you all had a grand old time together. Glad you are home safe and sound. Your reflection looks like one of those old Flemish oil paintings I saw in the Netherlands...very distinguished :-) Hugs, Genie

  2. absolutely beautiful artwork, vicki!! i know your friend just loved her gifts. and love the idea of the ornaments - how artistic and Christmasy yet cherry-like as well! Glad you got to see your friend and back home safely! love u, becca

  3. so cute. i made her banana cupcakes they were terrible tasting. And they did not look as cute as yours!!

  4. The Christmas ornaments as cherries is such a wonderful idea!

  5. I just love that box that you placed them cute.

  6. Oh the cupcakes are adoreable!! I just linked up and hop on over as I just did a spoon thinking about you :) Have a great day Vicki!!

  7. Vicke, just lost my first comment. If you see it delete it. :-)
    I bought these same ME products this past week, but haven't make the cupcakes yet. :-) I know your friend appreciate you enthusiasm for her ME habbit. ~ Sarah

  8. How cute - cherries everywhere! Love the ME cupcake box! Your Christmas tree cherries are sooooooooo cute!


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