Wednesday, July 14

Things I Love Thursday Mosaic....

It's time for sharing a mosaic of pictures from this Thursday! Yum!

1. Spring 2010 Wedding Dress Cookie Collection, 2. Easter Bonnet Cookie Pops, 3. Petit Four cookies, 4. Rose fondant cookie lollys, 5. Easter Flower Basket Cookie Pops, 6. Painted butterfly cookie 1, 7. simple valentine cookies, 8. Embossed cookies, 9. Cherry Onesie Cookies, 10. Jack O Lantern Cookies, 11. Jack Skellington cookie lollies, 12. Flower cookie collection 3, 13. Ice Cream Cookies

Make sure you enlarge the photo so that you can see all of the wonderful detail in these little pieces of art. I think that they're too pretty to eat.


  1. Wonderful cookies ... Yum!!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. What a GREAT mosaic. How did you get it to come out so large in the post BEFORE clicking on it? Can’t figure that one out. I haven’t mastered the ID’s going underneath, either. I really like this one, gal. Hugs, Genie

  3. Yummy! I love your sweet cookie picks... almost too good to eat... almost ;)


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