Saturday, October 2

How to avoid work......

So I've been poking around the web today doing everything but what I "should" be doing. I like to search words and then look at the images for the words. Does anybody else ever do that? Unfortunately, I can get lost for hours doing this and piddle away my time...sigh.
Initially, I was looking for a ME Autumn or Fall picture to post but I came I across this website with the Cutest ever cake stands. How darling is this Halloween stand? The two hundred smackeroos that they are asking for it puts it out of my price range but I can sure "appreciate" the heck out of it.

Here's another cute one. Not as cute as the first one but still very creative. It's only $145 big ones...such a deal.

Then I saw this one and said "Oh My!" out loud. For some reason "Who-ville" came to my mind when I first saw it. It's called the "Glitterville Stacking Holiday Cake Plates" and you guessed it..$200 big ones for this one, too.
And for your finally viewing's a darling teapot cookie that someone has so expertly decorated. They sell the cookie cutter over there, too. This I could afford at $4.50.
The website is Bakers Bloom is their motto. They probably have tons of more cute stuff but I finally had to get out of my trance and come back to reality.
Thanks for joining me on my tour of the web today. Now get back to work!


  1. Hi Vicki! Wow, been out of blogland for the week..haven't even put a post up yet since a week ago....and look at all you have been doin! Love the 'cake walk' you've gone on. Those cakeplates are beautiful. The teapot cookie is great. There is a co. that sells edible prints like that to go on cookies...they do hankie rerpoductions.
    Your mosaic table is terrific:) Can't wait to see it all done.

  2. Vicki, like you I can easily get side tracked when I'm looking at things on the net. The cake stand is new to me, and is it ever cute. I'm with you on the price, but wouldn't this be fun to have? Thanks for sharing the inspiration! ~ Sarah

  3. I recently found my way to your blog and i'm so thrilled! Beautiful cherry eye candy! Your posts and pics are such fun! By the way, I also spend many hours looking up images of random things (I think it's addictive!).

  4. Vicki,
    I am with you! Those cake plates are to die for!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!! I am going to ahve to chekc out the cookie cutter site! Have a good Sunday! Sandy

  5. I have two of the first halloween cake plates- I was lucky and found them after Halloween a few years ago at 90% off! So do not dispair~check out ebay and local shops. I really should find the small one...
    Thanks for sharing the treasures you found!

  6. Sigh, to be someone with money trees in their backyard. I'm with you, the first stand is so wonderful! Thanks for the vicarious thrill! Elizabeth


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