Tuesday, October 12

Ready or not it's Rednesday again....

I'm scrambling here at the last minute to come up with something for Rednesday. I did not plan very well today and the time just whizzed by. This is a not so great picture of a little drawstring purse that I hand beaded once with sequins to make the little cherries.

Please join Sue at "It's a Very Cherry World" and all of the other wonderful bloggers who are sharing their Red today.


  1. Your talent knows no bounds! That purse is so pretty, and you know that when you've got it hanging on your arm, you won't see another one like it, because it's one of a kind!
    Happy REDnesday,

  2. Your little draw string bag is just perfect for today. I love and you did a great job on it. Why does some people have all the talent?

  3. Oh Vicki! Your bag is so darling!

    Happy Rednesday,

  4. It looks like a very professional job. It is beautiful work.

  5. Hi Vicki! You're lucky I missed Rednesday:( This month has just been off for me. I get in the swing and I got lots of things to get done. That puse is too cute. Wish I had the patience.


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