Sunday, October 17

M.E. Monday....

Welcome, again, to Mary Engelbreit Monday. It's been a tough week and I know that I have been missing here among my blogging friends. Many thanks to my sweet friends who have been so patient with me this week. I've been working as hard as I can to make lemonade out of the lemons I now have.

Please join us and post the link to your blog with the related Mary Engelbreit pictures to share with everyone. It can be a ME licensed product or something that was "inspired" by Mary Engelbreit's artwork. It "should" be a photo that you took of something that you own. We're flexible here....let's have fun above all else.

Once you've posted your picture come back and add your link in Mr. Linky below. Please share the link back to my blog so that everyone can take part in sharing their post and picture.

This week it's Mary Engelbreit "Outside" for me. The little flag above is staked in my backyard flower bed that only seems to be filled with spider plants right now. 
This large ME flag hangs under the garage trying to disguise my big blue garbage can. I bet you could hardly notice the garbage can. Right?

This cute little ME plant stake sits in a pot of spider plants on my front porch. I'm good at growing spider plants but not much else.
Finally we have here my front door. The door itself is in pretty sad shape now that I see it photographed. That wearing away of the wood in the lower panels of the door is how a few of my cats would let me know that it was time for them to come in from the front porch. Some just liked to use it as their scratching post....What's a mother to do? A million year ago I put the ME Cottage Rose wallpaper around the door frame and sealed it with polyurethane and then I have my ME Welcome rug sitting in front of the door. Hanging from a nail in the middle of the door is a cute little ME container filled with silk flowers. Got that at Michaels 75% off...such a deal!
Thanks for stopping by this week and please join us and share your ME for all the world to see. ;-)


  1. I LOVE your really did GOOD! Thank goodness last week is OVER and done with....we off to a new one :-)

  2. Lemons? What lemons? Hope things are getting better - hugs to you!

  3. Vicki, You truly do ME proud! Inside and out your home and heart are a tribute to her wonderful art. Thank you for the first image, I had never seen that one before. I love her early style the best! What a cute front door! Very welcoming! Have a great week! Elizabeth

  4. I'm sending all my good thoughts your way for a happy week ahead!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley


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