Thursday, October 28

Mornin Glories...A New Place to Shop

How are your today? May I help you with anything? I can hear Cindy greeting all her lovely customers in to her new shop over at Mornin Glories. Will that be check or charge? Would you like this gift wrapped?

Today is the Grand Opening of a new place to look for wonderful treasures whether it be for a friend or just for yourself. All the fine vendors will be linking up to MorninGlories.blogspot starting today to show their wares. This week I have a Cherry Chick original watch that I call "Florals & Pearls" and there's even a pair of matching earrings to go with it.
You'll find it for sale here in my shop.

You'll find the romantic matching pair of earrings here on

Thank you for shopping at Mornin Glories Florida branch. Please go see what the other "branches" have for sale here.


  1. Thank you Vickie..for the panic help!lol I figured it out..html mode..duh!! Love the jewlery!!
    Now to get some shut eye!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Vicki - your beadwork is simply beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  3. Oh I love this idea! Just like "playing store" when we were little, only we get to BUY stuff!! Love your watch! I'm a Southern Gal from Florida too, so guess I'll be a part of the "Florida" branch! I'm now following you and will post the "Store" on my blog. Yall come.


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