Thursday, November 4

Just a little Press....How Fun!

The ole' Cherry Chick Jewelry "corporate headquarters" got  a "feature" over on this great blog that I found about a month back. I was hunting for some ideas for my neighbor to be able to display her rubber stamps. Eventually, I landed on Crafty Storage.

You might recall my blog post back in September about my studio redesign and my lack of love for IKEA and their "all assembly required" Expedit workstation/storage unit.  I do love my new studio and now the "whole world" will be able to see it from the Crafty Storage blog.  Many thanks to the ladies over there. You will be inspired by the amazing places featured on their blog that women create in. I highly recommend it if you would like to "ohhh & ahhh" and have Studio Envy.


  1. Hi Vicki!
    I ran over to see if you knew that the new (and free) issue of Amy Power's Inspired Ideas is out? I thought of you because it has a project from ME and I know how you love ME! Here's the link for you in case you hadn't heard and would like to check it out:
    Oh! I just reread your Ikea experience - I got an Expedit unit (well two actually, one large and one narrow to put on it's side on top of it) over the summer. I couldn't believe that they wanted us to pick up the pieces off the shelves - that's their heaviest unit and we couldn't budge one piece. And of course it took forever to get someone to pick it up for us. (And then we couldn't pick it up again to get into the car and then it wouldn't fit in our car. It was quite the experience.) I do so love my Expedit now though! All is forgiven. Well almost. ;)
    A big Congratulations on your being featured!
    Happy Thursday,

  2. Vicki....You are not JUST are REALLY famous. This is unbelievable. You go girl! Genie is REALLY proud of you!

  3. wow great space and you even gained notoriety! mishelle


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