Tuesday, November 23

The Trunk Show follow up

I've had so many comments about the Trunk Show this past Sunday I thought I would follow up with more about it.

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This is Kathy...she is my "longest" not "oldest" friend, we met in 1976 at my first job. She moved on but I stayed for 8 years and we have been unconditional friends ever since. She's my biggest cheerleader, she's my business partner in My Paperwork Managers, Inc., she's my accountant and tax preparer, she's my Mom's financial advisor and tax preparer, she's my best customer at Cherry Chick Jewelry, she is generous beyond words, and she was the hostess for my recent Trunk Show. She is one of the people that I am "thankful" for this Thanksgiving.  The pictures were taken at her lovely townhouse.
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We had an intimate gathering of seven ladies. There was a new face, another Vicki. We munched on some wonderful appetizers and drank some wine from the Cupcake Vineyard. No...it didn't taste like cupcakes. I think everyone had a nice time hanging around the table looking over my "wares" and sharing conversation.
It was a long time on my feet, more bending over than I usually do in a days time but it was a profitable and fun afternoon. I am ever so grateful to the wonderful women who came to support me and to my friend Kathy who always supports me.

This was a new necklace that I had recently finished beading using a peyote, tubular herringbone technique. I knew that Kathy would probably love it and I shared it with her while I was setting up the table. Yep...she loved it but Kathy is the kind of lady who will let everyone else have a look at it, too, and then she will purchase it once the others have had a chance. She loved the matching Black Spiral bracelet, too, and is the proud owner of the set. I really enjoy designing with someone in mind. Another thing that I am "thankful" for. Thanks for letting me share.

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  1. It's beautiful baibee...If I was there, I would buy all of 'em. Happy thanksgiving.


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