Wednesday, November 3

Remember these??

Remember this picture from mid October???

Well....this is what happened to the little fellows.


  1. Hi Vicki! Wednesdays are my visiting day. I so look forward to visiting my favorite blogs! I have just been drooling over your wonderful bracelets and watches. May I ask if you are able to make plus sizes? I am thinking this is 7" or more so that it still can hang loosely. I do hope you have a successful Christmas season. Your work is just so lovely! Elizabeth

  2. I'm a brand new follower.I love ME and I also bead.Your site is alot of fun to visit.Please drop by and meet me.

  3. I love the accents you picked. The leaves are so fabulous! How long did the beadwork for the necklace take? AmAzInG!


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