Wednesday, November 17

Shop at Mornin Glories & a giveaway

It's Thursday, again, so that means Cindy over at "Mornin Glories" has opened her lovely shop up again for all of us to share our wares.

I just realized that the watch I shared last week is called "Polka Dot Cottage Rose Watch. So this week I'm calling this watch "Stripes Cottage Rose Watch".  Eventually, you run out of names for these pieces of jewelry! Then there's the whole thing of trying to come up with something descriptive that the search engines will pick up on and place right at the top of the search engine pages. It'd be so much easier to just "walk" over to Morning Glories and place the watch into Cindy's beautiful wicker display case. Cindy, it is wicker??? Right?
Thanks for stopping by today. You can find the watch here.

I'd, also, like to share with everyone the wonderful work of my Famous Friend Heather over at Dragonfly Lampworks. She is having a giveaway in the next few days for this darling set of glass lampwork beads, Pink Saltwater Taffy. Heather is the "best" at what she does and you couldn't ask for a nicer woman as your friend. If you happen to be the lucky winner of her charming set of beads you can always contact me to design you something special with them. We work well that way. ;-)


  1. Thank you for sharing Heather's the pink beads and am heading there now to check them out. You are a good friend :)

  2. Thank you Vicki! You definitely bring the lampwork beads to life with your wonderful designs. Can't wait to see what you create next. I'm lucky to have such a talented friend. Hope you have a lovely weekend! Heather :)


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