Thursday, August 19

Bright Decor with Engelbreit Style.......

I could live here....happily ever after.

I just came across this article published online back in June 2010 in the Orange County Registery. A story about a how a woman was "inspired" to decorate her house in Mary "Englebreit" style. Obviously, the writer of the story did not  know how Mary spells her name...sheesh.
There's a lot more pictures over at the article. I love how she had her wood floor in the kitchen painted to look like it was a rug and the tile behind the stove was painted, too.


  1. Oh Vicki I could so see you living there :) It is done up so cute. I bet that gave you some other ideas didn't it ;)

  2. Vicki, thanks for sending me to the article. I loved looking at the photos of her home. The painted floor rug is fabulous. Well, the space in that entire home is fabulous. I'd love to have room like that to decorate. Wonderful light and big open rooms. ~ Sarah

  3. Hey going to have to check it out!

  4. That living room is to die for! It's the rug and the curved sofa, I think. I need to get busy on the ME pillow covers for my living room this weekend. Thanks for spurring me on with the pictures!


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