Saturday, August 7

It must be my mood this Saturday...

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I really think the LOL Cats are some of the funniest things. But then I tend to have a weird sense of humor.


  1. Oh Vicki this one made me crack up!!! Love it! Have a great weekend!

  2. I get it!!! And I love your sense of humor :-) Am getting my stuff ready so I can hit the road in the morning. Will try to hook up with Cheri of: She lives in Black Mt. which ir right outside of Asheville. All of her posts bring back so many wonderful memories of my 18 years there. Hope to be able to take her out for coffee and ride up to Montreat where I went to camp as a little girl. Got my M.E.Monday ready to post tomorrow night, and my Rednesday for Tuesday night. Have my Verizon stick in computer bag so I can access the internet. Will email you from Weezie’s. Take care....hugs...Genie

  3. ROFLOL! I almost spit my tea all over the puter! THAT was so funny! Thanks for the giggles!


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