Wednesday, August 25

Sharing my Red for Rednesday.....

This is my Red for Rednesday this week. I found this "deal" recently at a thrift store called The Spring Boutique here in Tampa. The proceeds from sales  go towards supporting Domestic Violence Prevention and an Emergency Shelter Agency.  The bag appears to be brand new and it caught my eye because of it's Red color that's perfect for a "Cherry Chick". I did a little research online looking for the name that was in the tote. I'd never heard of Kathy Van Zeeland but it seems she is a well known designer. Long story short, I finally found a listing on Ebay for the exact same bag. The starting bid is $79.99 or a Buy it Now prices of $88.99 + $14.99 for shipping. How much did I pay for mine you ask??
It was $19.95 + 20% off but I said I didn't need the discount since it was for a good cause. I felt even better about my "deal" once I found out how much of a "deal" it was. Yahoo!

Please join me and all of the other bloggers who are sharing their Red on Rednesday over at "It's a Very Cherry World" with Sue.


  1. You got a great deal! I love Kathy Van Zeeland. She makes wonderful bags. I'm a handbag person anyway, so I'm totally jealous! Very nice.

  2. Very cheery and cherry red! What a lucky find. Makes me want to go shopping at thrift stores!

  3. I love your beautiful red bag ! That was a wonderful deal !

  4. Ooooh - very cute. Very red. I've never heard of Kathy VanZeeland either - and I used to know all the handbag designers. It has a very Brighton look to it - but thankfully not the Brighton price!

  5. Cute bag and fabulous deal! I love red purses.

  6. Love that Red tote-so stylish and a great deal!

    What a lovely blog you have too. Will be back soon to read through earlier posts…

    Happy Rednesday!
    btw My Rednesday post: “Can you give me directions?” Do stop by!

  7. That's a great bag at a great price! I love to have some fashion colors to brighten up an outfit!

  8. what a beautiful bag and a great bargain!

  9. Yes, Kathy Van Zeeland is quite pricey!! Great find and love that color!!
    The Tattered Tassel

  10. Great looking bag and perfect for a cherry chick.


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