Thursday, August 12

Yahoo! Fifty!

Awesome News!
As of today I now have "50" Peeps (a.k.a Follwers). Does anyone remember that skit on Saturday Night Live where Molly Shannon plays Sally O'Malley? She auditions with the Rockettes and keeps yelling "I'm 50!" I always think of her when I hear that number. So I'm celebrating my "50" milestone with everyone. I couldn't have done it without It was only July 1st when I celebrated "21" Peeps.
Here's the video of the show....sorry but there's a little Geico commercial before she comes on but it's worth that wait.


  1. Congratulations on 50! I just know by this time next year you will have 550! A cheery place to visit and be inspired. It's just such fun to see your collections from your charming home and wait for the next jewelry piece to be created. What a charming clock you were sent. Lucky girl! Elizabeth

  2. Hey, Vicki,
    Congrats on the 50. I thought I was following, but I wasn't, so now I am. :)
    So now you are over 50. hehehehehe

  3. Congratulations. Every follower is so exciting.

  4. Looks like you're already up to 52 now! What fun! Always enjoy visiting your blog.

    Enjoyed the SNL skit! We're going to see the Rockettes when they come here in Dec., so I expect I'll be thinking of Sally - "I'm 50"!
    Jane - Jacksonville

  5. Cool - I'll keep 50 in mind as my next milestone, having just reached 25!

  6. Congratulations! Before you know it you'll be over 100 and then some!

  7. LOL! I had forgotten about that! Congrats on 50 followers!


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