Friday, August 13

It's "Feature Yourself Friday"!

 Who else better to toot your horn than "Yourself"...LOL. I just found this cute Linky party for Friday that I'm sharing with everyone today. I'm like # 2,000 down on the list so there's plenty of eye candy to look at. You had no plans for Friday night....right?
I recently beaded up these little Pink "butterfly" earrings to go with my previously posted Pink Butterfly Bracelet. Now there is a Matching Set...What a "Fashionista" you would be with this duo. I have them in my Artfire shop along with the bracelet. Other color combos available on request.


  1. Very cute - they look sort of Native American.

  2. How many hours did it take you to make this gorgeous graceless? I do not know how you can to it. You are just tooooooo good, gal.

  3. Well...Ms. Genie..if I takes me about half an hour to bead each section/butterfly. In the case of the bracelet there are 13 butterflies so that's six and one half hour just for beading it. Then there is the assembly, photography, editing, and posting time. It's a labor of love and creativity. Keeps me off the streets at night. ;-)

  4. Wow Vicki, those look so 1960's! Hm, I'm gonna have to find out more about the link you mentioned, sounds interesting.
    Hope you had a nice weekend. It was over 100 and stormy about 3-4p today and Sat. Hasn't cooled it down yet:(, but they say next week is supposed to be less humid. Cross your fingers.


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