Thursday, August 19

Things I Love Thursday....Glass Lampwork Beads..

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I'm sharing my TILT from over on my Flickr page. You should click over and see all of the wonderful Mosaics that this Group shares each Thursday. It has to be someone elses photos that you love.  I Love these darling artisan crafted glass lampwork beads.


  1. Thanks for putting me in your mosaic! I'm excited- I'll go share on my FB page, too :D

  2. OK...I may be dead meat, but I still have enough energy to check your blog.Clothes are all hanging in the sun! I need you to do a post explaining what “lampwork beads” are. I do not understand the meaning of the term, but I know the creation of them has to be VERY significant. These are absolutely the creators blow the glass and make them from scratch?????

  3. Those are some amazing beads!!
    The Tattered Tassel

  4. WoW Vicki, Those are great glass beads.

  5. beautiful selection of handmade glass beads Vicki. sweet blog!


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